Advanced Irradiance Meter with built-in DMM

SL102 Advanced Irradiance Meter with built in DMM MC4 Lead set

Di-log Solar are pleased to launch the all new SL102 - Digital Irradiance meter with a built in Digital Mulit Meter.

The SL102 is a professional Solar Irradiance Meter designed to assist in the installation of Solar panel PV systems.  With its Multimeter like design, the SL102 enables you to perform safe and accurate measurements, even when working at heights.

The SL102 also features a dual display which allows you to simultaneously record the Irradiance level and Voltage output with the panel connected in situ by the MC4 lead set provided.


  • Solar Irradiance measurement to 1999 W/m² or 634BTU/ft²*h
  • Dual Display for simultaneous Irradiance and Voltage (VOC) measurement for in situ testing
  • Min/Max recording function
  • Auto Hold
  • AC/DC Voltage to 600V
  • Audible Continuity and Diode test
  • AC/DC current to 200mA (Not to be used for PSC)
  • MC4 Red/Black lead set for VOC measurement
  • Carry Case

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Measurement Range Basic Accuracy
Irradiance 1999W/m² Typically within ± 5% of rdg or ± 10W/m²
  634BTU/ft²*h) Typically within ± 5% of rdg or ± 3BTU/ft²*h
AC Voltage 0.001V - 600V 1.5% ± 5 dgts
DC Voltage 0.1mV - 600V 1.0% ± 3 dgts
AC Current 0.1uA - 200mA 1.8% ± 8 dgts
DC Current 0.1uA 1.5% ± 3 dgts
Resistance 0.1Ω - 20MΩ 1.2% ± 3 dgts
Continuity <150Ω  
Diode Test 1mA max typical/Open Max 3V DC N/A
Power supply 1 x 1.5V AAA & 1 x 9 V battery
Dimensions 162(H) x 74.5(W) x 44(D) mm
Weight About 308g
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